Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

It isn’t hard to guess what “Bean to Cup” or automatic coffee machines are meant to give us. You supply the coffee beans of your choice (instead of ground coffee in capsules or any other form) and put them in a special compartment in the coffee machine, then let the machine take care of all the necessary phases:

  • Grinding the coffee beans
  • Measuring the correct dose of coffee grounds for our desired drink
  • Pressing the coffee grounds
  • Automatically setting the dose for an espresso, long or double espresso
  • Brewing a delicious aromatic coffee drink
  • In some machines, frothing the milk if needed

So at the push of a button of a bean to cup coffee machine, it will grind the coffee on demand for each cup, brew the coffee into the cup and dispose of the used coffee grounds into a disposal unit. There are many coffee machine companies that produce bean to cup machines in different levels. Other features of automatic machines include the self-cleaning mechanisms to minimize the hassle on your part.

The best company for automatic coffee machines is considered to be Jura but you can find great machines from Gaggia, Saeco and other producers as well.

Jura Z5

Jura Z5

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5 years 3 months ago

When considering whether to pay the extra expense for a bean to cup machine, people will often look at the price difference and think it is not worth it. But think of the time you will save in grinding (separate machine needed at extra cost), tamping the coffee grounds (automatically done – no room for error), disposal of coffee grounds and cleaning the machine. What is your time worth? £10 per hour? more? with bean to cup machines having fallen below the magic £300 barrier, upgrading your choice from espresso machine to bean to cup could be as little as… Read more »