So you’ve bought your new coffee machine, whether it’s a Nespresso machine, Caffitaly machine, Senseo or any traditional ground coffee machine. You’re all happy making your first cup of coffee and then you realize – Oh my gosh! My coffee machine doesn’t have a milk frother nozzle! I can only make espressos…

Ok – That may be a little extreme because I’m sure you’ve made a serious market research before shopping for such a trendy and useful appliance for your kitchen. If you decided to buy an espresso machine without a milk frothing nozzle, you must have meant for that to be so.

But let’s say you didn’t… Hold on to that thought for a second.

Now let’s assume you do like to have cappuccinos as well and you did buy a Nespresso machine with a milk frothing nozzle or any other coffee machine for that matter. I don’t want to be the one to break it to you, but there is a good chance that you may get tired of waiting when switching between coffee mode and milk mode on your machine, and of all the hassle and cleanup.

Dualit Latteccino Milk Frother

Dualit Latteccino Milk Frother

For both cases I’ve just described there is a simple and really cool solution, not to mention it works beautifully. The Dualit Lattenccino Milk Frother is the answer to Nespresso’s Aeroccino which is also a great device.
It is basically a milk frother mug, that steams or heats up your milk within 70 to 90 seconds on the press of a button. That’s it – not much to explain. It is cordless so you can take it with you to the table and have 2 screw-on attachments that function for heating or steaming milk. I’ve seen this appliance in action and it works wonderfully. This is a must have companion for your home coffee machine whether it has a milk frothing nozzle or whether it doesn’t.

The Latteccino Milk Frothers comes in 4 colours – Chrome, Cream, Black and Red. Price runs between £50 – £60.

Features as mentioned by the manufacturer:

  • Dual function – perfectly frothed or heated milk at the touch of a button
  • From cold to hot (and frothed if required) milk in only 70 seconds
  • Filling capacity 150ml for frothed milk and 250ml for heated milk
  • Cordless operation with 360° swivel base; can be placed on its base at any rotary angle
  • Heats milk to around 65°C
  • Jug has non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Automatic switch off
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Available in polished stainless steel or gloss colours
  • Weight 0.9kg, dimensions 16 x 12 x 17.5 cm

Download the manuals for the chrome model and other models here.