Francis Francis X7

The Francis Francis X7 iperEspresso coffee machine is very elegantly designed and extremely convenient to use. This machine uses the illy iperEspresso capsules. The patented capsules by illy basically work like other systems such as the Nespresso capsule system or the Caffitaly system. The ground coffee comes is a pre-prepared dose inside a capsule. The capsule is then inserted into the Francis Fancis X7 and with one click of a button you get the perfect espresso. With the iperEspresso system, the espresso is ejected directly in the cup, without any contact with the machine, resulting in minimum cleanup and maintenance.

iperEspresso Capsules System

iperEspresso Capsules System

The Francis Francis X7 uses a one-touch brewing cycle, so all you need to do is press a button and the espresso is prepared. However, there is also an auto-stop feature if you prefer to manually set the dosing of water for your espresso. The machine also has a built in milk frothing nozzle for preparation of cappuccino and latte.

The Francis Francis X7 coffee machine is designed by famous Italian architect Luca Trazzi, and come in either black,r red color. Definitely one of the strong sides of the beautiful machine is its retro but futuristic design that would add a lot to any kitchen.

Francis Francis X7

Francis Francis X7

Download the Francis Francis X7 User Manual here.

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Francis Francis X7 Coffee Machine Summary

  • One-touch brewing cycle
  • Easy-use handle to hold iperEspresso capsule
  • Lighted central display and acoustic signals to guide user
  • No contact between machine and coffee inside the capsule for a clean system
  • Traditional steam wand for thick, frothy cappuccino and latte
  • Auto-stop feature to control cup volume
  • Automatic decalcification program
  • Brass boiler with automatic boiler refill
  • 15 bar pump
  • 34 ounce water tank (approx. 22-30 servings)
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Works exclusively with illy iperEspresso capsules
  • Available in red, black or white

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7 years 7 months ago

Extremely well for home or business coffe making system. however the digital photography provided is not actually sufficient to understand how actually these work.