Magimix Le Cube M220 vs. Krups xn5000 Le Cube Nespresso Capsule System Coffee Machines Review

As you can see from the names of these two slick Nespresso capsule system espresso makers, the Magimix Le Cube M220 and the Krups 5000 Le Cube series, they are very similar. In fact, at first sight they look identical. If you look a little more, you will see the minor product design differences. Their technical specification is almost the same however.

Magimix Le Cube M220

Magimix Le Cube M220

Krups Nespresso xn5000

Krups Nespresso xn5000

These are the advanced machines Nespresso offers for its capsules system espresso makers. The machines don’t have a built in or plug-and-play milk steaming / frothing tubes, but with the supplementary Aeroccino, you can get great tasting espresso from the Le Cube, and beautifully frothed milk from the Aeroccino.

Both makers include a programmable dosing system to control the exact amount of water that is injected through the capsule to make the perfect espresso drink. Simpler machines require you to press a button when you want to start, and then again when you want the water to stop flowing.

Another feature these machines have when comparing them to the simpler Magimix M100 and Krups xn2001 machines is a height adjustable cup tray, so you can prepare your coffee in espresso cups as well as latté glasses.
Another feature that exists in these machines is a special holding dock for 6 espresso cups (3 in each side of the machine), and in specific models of these machines the dock warms up your cup. This is really important for some espresso drinkers so they will appreciate this.

One last note, in case you don’t know this, you are limited to one of 12 flavors in capsules currently offered by Nespresso. Only Nespresso makes and markets capsules for Nespresso machines. This is not a big limitation really, since 12 is a nice variety, and Nespresso offers an easy way to order capsules from its website.

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Coffee Machine Summary

  • Designed for the Nespresso capsule system.
  • Beautiful design and great tasting espresso making machines.
  • Thermoblock system for perfect pressure and temperature of water.
  • Preset dosing system for the perfect amount of water in your espresso.
  • Adjustable height tray for coffee cups.
  • 6 place espresso cup holder with heating option in select models (Krups xn5005/9).
  • Works great together with Nespresso Aeroccino for milk frothing.
  • Dim : H 230 x L 226 x D 230 mm (Both)

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Richard Smith
6 years 3 months ago

Where can I buy one of these machines? no immediate signs of one on either Ebay or Amazon?

Gottfried Franzl
9 years 6 months ago

I have been trying to order capsules via, but all I get is to fill in a form with email, password, name and phone and when I click “continue” nothing happens. I keep getting that same form that I have already filled in several times. Please help.

Gottfried Franzl
9 years 6 months ago

I want to buy capsules for Crups Nespresso Machine that I have already got. How do I do it?

Thomas Blanche
9 years 10 months ago

Just make sure the espresso machine you buy is suitable for its application, and its has at least 1100 watts of power.