Nespresso Capsules – Where to Buy

If you recently bought a Nespresso capsule system machine, or looking to buy one, you will need a supply of capsules from day 1 if you want to use the machine. Nespresso has great online service. All you have to do is register online and you can start ordering capsules online. It usually takes 2 days to arrive.

Nespresso Capsules – Online

Nespresso Capsules – Stores

I am not certain about this, but I did read online that you can get the capsules at Selfridges & Co and at John Lewis. You can check out this store locator to find the closest Nespresso store to your home.

Nespresso Capsules – Prices

Between 0.45 GBP and 0.49 GBP per capsule. Capsules are usually ordered in multiples of 50 for packing reasons.

Nespresso Capsules Stands

You don’t want to have your Nespresso capsules thrown around the machine or packed in their carton box. Treat yourself to a stylish Nespresso capsules holder.

A recent comment from one of our readers states that there’s a £4.95 postage charge on a purchase of Nespresso coffee capsules through the company website. So for an order of 50 capsules, you would pay 49 pence X 50 capsules plus £4.95 postage charge. This equals £29.45, which makes the nominal price per cup of coffee 58.9 pence. Thanks for that feedback Alan!

Looking for a specific flavour? Here are links for direct purchase of the full Nespresse Capsules range:

Nespresso Coffee Machines

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8 years 5 months ago

I just purchased a Nespresso Citiz from John Lewis.
At no point was I told that there is a £4.95 postage charge on your purchase of coffe capsules and the price has gone up to 27p per capsule minimum.So the cheapest order you will ever be able to place will be 27pence X 50 capsuals plus £4.95 = £18.45 by my reconing that makes each cup of coffee 36.9 pence.

8 years 10 months ago

i paid with paypal at for a selection pack but they only post to uk

9 years 6 days ago

John Lewis don’t sell the capsules, you have to register online

9 years 7 months ago

were i can buy capsule for nespresso???

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