Nespresso Citiz – Krups VS. Magimix

As usual, Krups and Magimix manufacture similar machines for the Nespresso Capsule System. In other countries those same machines are simply branded as manufactured by Nespresso. The new Nespresso Citiz machines – Krups XN 7006 and Magimix M190 are slim coffee machines, perfect for making espressos or lungos at your own home or office room, with little hassle.

Nespresso Citiz (Krups XN 7006 VS. Magimix M190)

Magimix Le Cube M220

Krups CitiZ XN7006 Red

Krups Nespresso xn5000

Magimix CitiZ M190 White

Nespresso CitiZ machines have 2 more variants of the machine. You can buy the Nespresso CitiZ & Milk which has a built in included Aeroccino – Nespresso automatic milk frothing device. You can also get the Nespresso CitiZ & Co which is basically a double head machine with two separate coffee brewing units, combined with elegance. With Nespresso it’s all about design and in my opinion they are big winners once again.

Nespresso CitiZ & Co (Krups XN7505 VS. Magimix M190 Duo)

Krups CitiZ XN7505 Black Duo

Krups CitiZ XN7505 Black Duo

Magimix CitiZ M190 Black Duo

Magimix CitiZ M190 Black Duo

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk (Krups XN7106 VS. Magimix M190 Milk)

Krups CitiZ & Milk XN7106 Red

Krups CitiZ & Milk XN7106 Red

Magimix CitiZ & Milk M190 Black

Magimix CitiZ & Milk M190 Black

Check out price comparisons and user reviews on the Krups XN 7006 and Magimix M190.

Coffee Machines Summary

The Nespresso CitiZ machines follow the same architecture of other bestsellers from Nespresso with a 19-Bar high pressure pump to produce a rich thick crema caffe. Here is the feature summary of these machines:

  • 10 Used capsules container so you don’t have to cleanup each time.
  • 19-bar high-pressure Thermoblock pump.
  • Automatic power-save mode reduces energy consumption.
  • Two buttons for different doses – preparing espresso or lungo.
  • A removable 34-ounce/1-liter water container.
  • Dimensions – 5.1 x 10.9 x 14.6 in / 13x 37.7 x 37.2 cm (W x H x D

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Stephen Margolis
8 years 4 months ago

I have received a Nespresso ES 50 coffee machine as a present. Which type of capsule does it use. Thank you for your prompt reply.

8 years 4 months ago

These coffee machines are really looking awesome

8 years 5 months ago

Overall a good machine and the coffee capsules are good products which (so far) have provided a consistent quality. The machine looks good, produces coffee very quickly (even from start up), is very easy to use and the instruction manual is one of the better ones (yes I actually read it). To date (I have only had the machine for a month), my only complaints are with the design of the machines water tank lid and the used capsule container – drip tray assembly. I have discovered the shape of the water tank and its lid and the absence of… Read more »

9 years 3 months ago

After 4 capsules, the Nespresso Citiz with Milk overflows all over your work surface. It is supposed to cope with 10 capsules before you need to empty it. This is a serious design fault. My machine has been returned twice but is no better. A shame because the coffee is good