Nespresso Siemens TK70 Coffee Machine

Today I am writing about the prestigious Siemens TK70 Nespresso coffee machine. This coffee machine is designed for the Nespresso capsule system. So what are the cool features of this machine, besides its beautiful design?

Siemens Nespresso TK70

Siemens Nespresso TK70

  • Like all Nespresso coffee machines, it uses a 19 Bar pressure pump with the Thermoblock system, that helps produce that perfect espresso.
  • A programmable dosing system lets you set the exact amount of water for your espresso, so you always get the same dose and don’t have to press a button to stop the water flow.
  • A fully automatic capsule placing mechanism sets the capsule into its place and ejects it to a used capsules container. When the container is full of used capsules, the machine will indicate it so you know when to dispose of the capsules.
  • A visual control lets you know when the drip tray is full of water so you can clean up before it gets messy.
  • Keep the espresso cups warm just before making the drink with the warming plate for 5 espresso cups.
  • An AutoCappuccino steam nozzle lets you connect any milk container to the nozzle with a plastic hose, so that you can get the steamed milk straight to your cup without needing to use the steam nozzle manually.

Over all this is a great looking machine with some extra cool features to show off. Enjoy!

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Richard Shaw
9 years 3 months ago

Like all machines in the Nespresso Range the Espresso is great. Quality Crema, excellent slow delivery. However the Milk Froth on this machine has a number of inherent issues – The biggest being the fact that the delivery wand is so low that it’s impossible to get a reasonable sized mug under it. On the Cappuccino setting it should deliver just Froth. In reality it delivers lots of (good quality) froth and about a third by volume hot milk. The espresso nozzle is similarly too low as well. However you can remove the lower tray to allow for taller cups… Read more »