Caffitaly / Gaggia Service Contact

If you have purchased a Gaggia machine, whether it is a Bean to Cup, Traditional or Caffitaly Capsule System machine, you may need the contact details for service.

Gaggia offers a phone number or a web form to fill out so they can contact you and collect the machine for repair.

The phone number is : 01422 330295

The form is located at this URL – Gaggia Service



Antique Coffee Machines at Coffee Weekend

In my last post I told you about the Jura booth at the “coffee weekend” show I attended. This time I want to share some photos and impressions about a beautiful showcase of antique and original looking coffee machines by Elektra, La Cimbali, and more. I only took photos of some but you don’t see these every day so enjoy.

Elektra Belle Epoque (1997)

This is just an old world styled espresso machine. Selling for around 11,000 GBP, the Belle Epoque is a machine in a class all of its own, where beauty, functionality and reliability merge together. The brightness of its metal, shaped to a design with the fascination of the past makes an immediate impact and provides a striking finishing touch for elegant, refined premises (excuse me if some of the text is from the website, it just sounds exactly like what I was thinking).

Elektra Belle Epoque

Elektra Belle Epoque

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Coffee Grinders Roundup

I gathered for you some information on available coffee grinders. If you are using a traditional ground coffee espresso machine or would like to get one, you should consider buying a coffee grinder to grind the coffee beans mixture of your choice. Here are some nice options, ordered by cost:

Wahl James Martin

Wahl James Martin

Wahl James Martin ZX595 Coffee Grinder

The ZX595 Grinder has the capacity to grind between 70g / 10 cups worth of coffee beans at any one time. Green LEDs indicate the consistency of the grind, whether fine or course.  The grinder is made of  stainless steel, and has 150 Watts power.

Estimated price: 15 GBP.

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Personal Coffee Machine Advisor is Up!

Hey all,

I put in a new feature today. It’s a personal compatibility guide to help you choose the best coffee machine for your needs. All you need to do is to answer a few simple questions, and it’ll try to match the best choices for your needs.

Let me know what you think by commenting on this post! I want to improve it so I need your feed back 🙂

Jura Machines Reviews and Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Just a quick post to let you know I am working on several reviews for the amazing bean to cup coffee machines by Jura. These are considered by some to be the top choice, especially if talking about home coffee machines. I’ll try to bring you some real close-up photos and inside information that you won’t find in other places. So wait for this 🙂

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Also, I am working these days on an interactive shopping guide, to help direct you to some of the best fitted options for you, according to several important questions, like what is the main use you require of the machines, how much you want to invest, etc… I will post it here in my blog as soon as it is ready.

Take care all!
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Caffitaly Capsules – Where to Buy

Hey all !

You probably know what you need to know about the Caffitaly capsule system machines. And if you live in the UK, you also know that buying the capsules may be a bit more difficult than getting Nespresso capsules, for the Nespresso system, for example. Caffitaly opened its capsule system so that different manufacturers can prepare capsules with their coffee brand, so you can find coffee by Caffe Cagliari, Caffe Chicco Doro, Crem Caffe, Ecaffe and even more in different countries. So here are some good news for all you Caffitaly capsule machines owners. Caffe Cagliari just added 4 new blends to its capsule range, and you can find all of them online!

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Nespresso Capsules – Where to Buy

If you recently bought a Nespresso capsule system machine, or looking to buy one, you will need a supply of capsules from day 1 if you want to use the machine. Nespresso has great online service. All you have to do is register online and you can start ordering capsules online. It usually takes 2 days to arrive.

Nespresso Capsules – Online

Nespresso Capsules – Stores

I am not certain about this, but I did read online that you can get the capsules at Selfridges & Co and at John Lewis. You can check out this store locator to find the closest Nespresso store to your home.

Nespresso Capsules – Prices

Between 0.45 GBP and 0.49 GBP per capsule. Capsules are usually ordered in multiples of 50 for packing reasons.

Nespresso Capsules Stands

You don’t want to have your Nespresso capsules thrown around the machine or packed in their carton box. Treat yourself to a stylish Nespresso capsules holder.

A recent comment from one of our readers states that there’s a £4.95 postage charge on a purchase of Nespresso coffee capsules through the company website. So for an order of 50 capsules, you would pay 49 pence X 50 capsules plus £4.95 postage charge. This equals £29.45, which makes the nominal price per cup of coffee 58.9 pence. Thanks for that feedback Alan!
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