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Tassimo Bosch TAS2001 Review

Today I’d like to give you details about this hot beverage drink machine. It’s the Bosch Tassimo TAS4011GB Multi-Beverage Machine, and you can figure out that it uses the Tassimo capsule system. If you haven’t heard of the Tassimo capsule system, you are welcome to read about it first here.

Bosch Tassimo TAS2001

Bosch Tassimo TAS2001

This machine will make you a cup of espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate, tea or even more hot beverages at a push of a button. The Tassimo system includes special T-DISCs (capsules) with barcodes, which are read by the machine to set the correct water temperature, pressure and brew time for each drink. One of the cool things about the T-DISCs is that they come in known flavors such as Milka chocolate, Starbucks coffee or Twinings tea. For the milk based flavor, you will have to combine two T-DISCs (for example, a chocolate capsule, and a milk capsule).

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Personal Coffee Machine Advisor is Up!

Hey all,

I put in a new feature today. It’s a personal compatibility guide to help you choose the best coffee machine for your needs. All you need to do is to answer a few simple questions, and it’ll try to match the best choices for your needs.

Let me know what you think by commenting on this post! I want to improve it so I need your feed back 🙂

Jura Machines Reviews and Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Just a quick post to let you know I am working on several reviews for the amazing bean to cup coffee machines by Jura. These are considered by some to be the top choice, especially if talking about home coffee machines. I’ll try to bring you some real close-up photos and inside information that you won’t find in other places. So wait for this 🙂

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Also, I am working these days on an interactive shopping guide, to help direct you to some of the best fitted options for you, according to several important questions, like what is the main use you require of the machines, how much you want to invest, etc… I will post it here in my blog as soon as it is ready.

Take care all!
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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

It isn’t hard to guess what “Bean to Cup” or automatic coffee machines are meant to give us. You supply the coffee beans of your choice (instead of ground coffee in capsules or any other form) and put them in a special compartment in the coffee machine, then let the machine take care of all the necessary phases:

  • Grinding the coffee beans
  • Measuring the correct dose of coffee grounds for our desired drink
  • Pressing the coffee grounds
  • Automatically setting the dose for an espresso, long or double espresso
  • Brewing a delicious aromatic coffee drink
  • In some machines, frothing the milk if needed

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