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Nespresso Limited Edition 2014 Capsules – Chocolate Mint | Hazelnut Dessert | Apple Crumble

Nespresso treated us last year when they released only one but excitingly new edition within its flavoured Variations capsules range, known as the classic ‘Cioccorosso’ range. And undoubtedly it is that festive time again of the year 2014 when the new Nespresso Limited Edition Variations hit our stores and are available again for us to indulge in during these winter months.

Earlier this year, fans of the Nespresso Facebook page participated in an online vote which was to selection from five flavours – and three, Chocolate Mint, Hazelnut Dessert and Apple Crumble, came out on top as the most popular flavours. These new delightfully festive flavours are available for the next foreseeable months for a limited time only.

Nespresso Capsules Variations Set 2014 - Smell the Desserts...

Nespresso Capsules Variations Set 2014 – Smell the Desserts…

As with any other Nespresso flavoured coffee capsules, these new exciting flavours don’t contain any calories or syrups, which is great news for our waists, but alternatively are produced by infusing the coffee with flavouring to create their amazing unique tastes and aromas.

Nespresso’s new Variations packaging isn’t exactly what many would consider festive but it features a sleek silver design on the capsules and matt black exterior packaging. In all three of these festive flavours you can distinctly smell the subtle aromas of apple (and vanilla), hazelnut and Mint. Coffee fanatics have reported a surprising aftertaste of the variation Chocolate Mint.

These three flavours are just like every year, special, festive and surprising. Certainly great to give as a gift to any Nespresso fan or why not just treat yourself and enjoy these limited flavours all to yourself on a winters evening.

Nespresso Chocolate Mint Capsules

  • Intensity: 6
  • Aromatic profile: Balanced, Refreshing Mint & Dark Chocolate
  • Price: £12.99 for a 10 pack

As a simple lungo (with a touch of milk), the chocolate mint is considered very similar to the Nespresso Ciocattino but with a small minty fresh burst at the end.

The chocolate mint has been reported not to be entirely overpowering and both flavours, the mind and the chocolate, work very well together.

According to Nespresso, they claim their chocolate mint is an exquisite relationship of the fragrant roasted Livanto Grand Cru along with the delectable flavours of dark chocolate and refreshing minty goodness.

Nespresso Capsules Variations Set 2014 - Chocolate Mint - Limited Edition

Nespresso Capsules Variations Set 2014 – Chocolate Mint

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