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Nespresso Limited Edition 2014 Capsules – Chocolate Mint | Hazelnut Dessert | Apple Crumble

Nespresso treated us last year when they released only one but excitingly new edition within its flavoured Variations capsules range, known as the classic ‘Cioccorosso’ range. And undoubtedly it is that festive time again of the year 2014 when the new Nespresso Limited Edition Variations hit our stores and are available again for us to indulge in during these winter months.

Earlier this year, fans of the Nespresso Facebook page participated in an online vote which was to selection from five flavours – and three, Chocolate Mint, Hazelnut Dessert and Apple Crumble, came out on top as the most popular flavours. These new delightfully festive flavours are available for the next foreseeable months for a limited time only.

Nespresso Capsules Variations Set 2014 - Smell the Desserts...

Nespresso Capsules Variations Set 2014 – Smell the Desserts…

As with any other Nespresso flavoured coffee capsules, these new exciting flavours don’t contain any calories or syrups, which is great news for our waists, but alternatively are produced by infusing the coffee with flavouring to create their amazing unique tastes and aromas.

Nespresso’s new Variations packaging isn’t exactly what many would consider festive but it features a sleek silver design on the capsules and matt black exterior packaging. In all three of these festive flavours you can distinctly smell the subtle aromas of apple (and vanilla), hazelnut and Mint. Coffee fanatics have reported a surprising aftertaste of the variation Chocolate Mint.

These three flavours are just like every year, special, festive and surprising. Certainly great to give as a gift to any Nespresso fan or why not just treat yourself and enjoy these limited flavours all to yourself on a winters evening.

Nespresso Chocolate Mint Capsules

  • Intensity: 6
  • Aromatic profile: Balanced, Refreshing Mint & Dark Chocolate
  • Price: £12.99 for a 10 pack

As a simple lungo (with a touch of milk), the chocolate mint is considered very similar to the Nespresso Ciocattino but with a small minty fresh burst at the end.

The chocolate mint has been reported not to be entirely overpowering and both flavours, the mind and the chocolate, work very well together.

According to Nespresso, they claim their chocolate mint is an exquisite relationship of the fragrant roasted Livanto Grand Cru along with the delectable flavours of dark chocolate and refreshing minty goodness.

Nespresso Capsules Variations Set 2014 - Chocolate Mint - Limited Edition

Nespresso Capsules Variations Set 2014 – Chocolate Mint

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Nespresso Pixie Review – Magimix vs. Krups

The Nespresso Pixie is the newest and fastest yet espresso machine for the Nespresso capsule system. Nespresso machines use specific capsules produced by Nespresso (See Nespresso capsules range) to make espressos and other coffee drinks.  This machine takes only 25 seconds to heat up, in order to make you the perfect espresso (40ml) or lungo (110ml). The two coffee buttons are already programmed to give you the perfect dosage for your choice of beverage.

It has a used capsule container that can hold 9-11 used capsules, so you don’t need to cleanup after every use, and a 0.7 liter water tank. This coffee machine also has a foldable cup support to allow usage of both tall latte glasses and short espresso cups. The Nespresso Pixie is not made directly for making cappuccinos as it doesn’t have a built-in milk frother, but you may purchase this machine bundled with the newest generation Nespresso Aeroccino 3 to make the perfect cappuccino!

If you’re familiar with Nespresso’s line of coffee machines, you may very well know that in Europe most of them are sold for Nespresso by both Krups and Magimix and are slightly different. An example can be seen in several of my posts, including the one for the very popular Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine. The main difference between the Krups and Magimix models is how the coffee outlet looks. You’ll see it clearly in the photos below.

Nespresso Pixie (Magimix models)

Magimix Pixie M110 Electrical Aluminum

Magimix Pixie M110 Electrical Aluminum

Magimix Pixie M110 Electric Lime Green

Magimix Pixie M110 Electric Lime Green

Magimix Pixie M110 Electric Steel Blue

Magimix Pixie M110 Electric Steel Blue

As you can see the coffee outlet has a kind of a pointing down hose like shape. However, as you can see below in Pixie’s case, the Magimix and Krups models have totally different colors as well:
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Dolce Gusto – Coffee is Not Just BLACK

Are you still having your coffee black? Well that’s okay 🙂 But just know that you are missing out on a lot of fun and great flavours with NESCAFÉ’s Dolce Gusto™ sysetm.
Dolce Gusto gives you a range of beautifully designed hot beverage (coffee, hot chocolate, etc.) machines – As well as a wide variety of great flavours of coffee in capsules that fit those machines.

The capsules are priced very competitively and are available almost everywhere to purchase.

DOLCE GUSTO is the perfect gift for the coming holiday season!

Enjoy this video from Dolce Gusto, and stay till the end to see the latest and greatest offers from NESCAFÉ.

Check out my other posts on Dolce Gusto coffee machines and capsules:

Nespresso Capsules Holder Roundup

Coffee capsules machines have become very popular in people’s kitchens. Nespresso has been investing a lot in its coffee machine and capsules range. To buy Nespresso capsules you have to order them online on Nespresso’s website or boutique stores, but there is a whole range of Nespresso capsules holders for sale online and offline. Here is a roundup of what’s available for you online.

Kitchen Craft Le’Xpress Coffee Capsule Holder and Dispenser (KCLX40POD)

Chrome plated rack with wooden base designed to hold 40 single serve coffee capsules. Taking up little space on kitchen worktops it is ideal for keeping coffee pods readily available for use. Price from £11.99

Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress Coffee Capsule Holder and Dispenser

Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress Capsule Holder

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Best Nespresso Capsules

What are the best Nespresso Capsules for latte? cappuccino? espresso?
If you’ve recently bought a Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine or planning to purchase one soon, you may be asking yourself this question. Well, you are not the only one. Have a look at the Nespresso Capsules range and Nespresso’s suggestions for which type of coffee best fits each blend.

Please add your comments based on your experience as to the different blends offered by Nespresso.

You can also get more information about Nespresso Capsules on my Nespresso Capsules – Where to Buy post, or about Nespresso capsule holders.

Here is the full range, along with direct links to online purchase:

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Capsules Roundup

Nescafé Dolce Gusto is a system developed by Nestle for hot beverage or coffee machines. The system is based on its own coffee machines that make coffee and other hot beverages such as hot chocolate, using specially designed capsules. You are invited to read my post about the Nescafé Dolce Gusto system.

Capsules are usually sold in packs of 16 units, starting from £3.50. Here is a roundup of all the beverages capsules I could find online, for easy access. Please comment with your opinion about flavours you have tried, or could not find here!

Cappuccino (16 Capsules) Latte Macchiato (16 Capsules) Chococino Hot Chocolate (16 Capsules)
(16 Capsules)
Latte Macchiato
(16 Capsules)
Chococino Hot Chocolate
(16 Capsules)
Mocha (16 Capsules) Espresso (16 Capsules) Cafè Crema Grande (16 Capsules)
(16 Capsules)
(16 Capsules)
Cafè Crema Grande
(16 Capsules)

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Nescafé Dolce Gusto Circolo

Welcome the newest member of the NESCAFÉ’s Dolce Gusto™ System. The Dolce Gusto Circolo.

The Circolo like its predecessor  is manufactured for Nestle by Krups. You may find this machine also labeled as Krups KP 5000. The Circolo uses specially designed capsules by Nestle, different blends of air tight packed coffee grounds, or other hot beverages like hot chocolate, and milk. You can buy the capsules at major stores or get them online.

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Nespresso Coffee Machines Video Gallery

Nespresso coffee machines are famous all over the world for the beautiful design as well as delicious coffee. You may also think of George Clooney when you think Nespresso. The Nespresso capsules system is a very common system for coffee machines many homes these days. In this post I want to put videos and links to videos of Nespresso coffee machines, so you can get another look at them before buying or if you’re just curious. Enjoy the show:

Krups Nespresso xn2007 with Nespresso Aeroccino Demonstration

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Nespresso Citiz – Krups VS. Magimix

As usual, Krups and Magimix manufacture similar machines for the Nespresso Capsule System. In other countries those same machines are simply branded as manufactured by Nespresso. The new Nespresso Citiz machines – Krups XN 7006 and Magimix M190 are slim coffee machines, perfect for making espressos or lungos at your own home or office room, with little hassle.

Nespresso Citiz (Krups XN 7006 VS. Magimix M190)

Magimix Le Cube M220

Krups CitiZ XN7006 Red

Krups Nespresso xn5000

Magimix CitiZ M190 White

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