Tassimo Coffee Machines Capsule System

The Tassimo system has become increasingly more popular in the past year or so. According to Google, there is a 50% increase in search traffic for Tassimo coffee machines. For those who aren’t familiar with Tassimo – it is a popular capsule system. While most systems like Nespresso offer different espresso flavours in capsules, Tassimo offers also other milk based beverages such as hot chocolate and tea. For the milk based beverages, 2 capsules are combined for a single cup serving (one for the milk and another for the beverage). Tassimo’s capsules are manufactured by different companies with well known name brands, such as “Starbucks” capsules or “Milka Chocolate” capsules for your machine. Another difference is that there aren’t many machines. As a matter of fact Bosch currently makes the machines for the Tassimo system, and there is just one model.

Tassimo Capsules

Tassimo Capsules

Tassimo capsules are widely available in the UK. Check out this post for more information.

Here is a demonstration video by Bosch:

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